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Tollund Man: Revealing the Last Meal of an Iron Age Mummy

The Tollund Man, an unfortunate victim of human sacrifice in Iron Age Denmark, is a "bog body," one of a group of remarkably-well preserved ancient mummies.

Archaeologists Uncover 100 Mummies in Burial Site of Saqqara in Egypt

During a news conference on Saturday, Egyptian antiquities officials announced stunning new finds at the burial site of Saqqara, south of Cairo, the country's capital. In what many consider one of the most important finds in recent memory, archaeologists...

More Than 40 Ancient Greek Mummies Unearthed in Egypt

Archaeologists have discovered more than 40 mummies dating back to the Ptolemaic era at a burial site in central Egypt, the country's antiquities ministry said on Saturday. The mummies, including the bodies of adults, children, and animals, had been laid...