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Foodies Look No Further—Here’s a Modern Twist on Greek Moussaka

Moussaka is a favorite Greek dish, and it is the perfect summer platter for your foodie gatherings. There are many creative modern twists on moussaka that any foodie can appreciate. Get ready to take notes to serve up your favorite...

What is the National Dish of Greece?

The country known for its delicious cuisine simply could not choose one dish to represent it.

IKEA Store in Japan Now Selling Greek Moussaka

The citizens of the city of Misato, Japan now have the opportunity to enjoy Greek moussaka sold at the city's IKEA store. The Swedish chain has added moussaka to its array of foods next to the standard Swedish meatball and...

Traditional Greek Summer Recipes and Their History

There are some Greek cuisine recipes that are strongly associated with summertime as they are quick, light and easy to make. These dishes are ideal for a meal in the yard, with view of the sea, accompanied with ouzo. Stuffed Tomatoes...