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The Fascinating Story of the Greeks of Corsica

Maniots fled to Corsica where they set up their own little Mani, preserving their language, faith and traditions while building a new home.

The Greek Village that Boasts the True Descendants of the Spartans

There is a Greek village in Mani, Peloponnese, called Neochori, where its residents boast they are true descendants of ancient Sparta.

Greek War of Independence Began in the Mountain Stronghold of Mani

Mani was the place where the Greek uprising against Ottoman rule actually started and not in Kalavryta on March 25th, 1821 - as is often believed.

Mani, Greece: A Destination of Unique Beauty and Rich History

The Mani peninsula in the Peloponnese has a unique, stark landscape and its rich history and traditions make it a stunning destination.

Top Five Destinations in the Peloponnese

More and more travelers are discovering the gems of the Greek mainland, and most of all, the beautiful destinations of the Peloponnese. So what are the top five destinations travelers are flocking to in the southern Greek peninsula? Monemvasia, The Oldest...

The Sardinia Village Founded by Greeks of Mani

The village of Montresta in Sardinia was founded by Greeks from the Mani peninsula, Peloponnese in 1750. The village is in the Province of Oristano and is located about 140 kilometers (87 miles) northwest of Cagliari. As Jannis Korinthios, a lecturer...

Town in Greece’s Mani Decorates Prickly Pear as Christmas Tree

The town of Areopolis in Greece's Mani region in the southern Peloponnese has decorated a huge prickly pear, called fragosykia in Greek, to make it its signature Christmas tree. The prickly pear is widespread in Mani. The plant thrives easily,...

Petros Arapakis: Legend of Love, Greek Circumnavigates Globe

Petros Arapakis wagered that Greeks were the best sailors in the world. That bet cost him his life but made him both a local and international legend. Born and raised in a castle in the Mani region in the 19th...

Greece Fires Continue in Peloponnese; 287,049 Acres Burned in 2021

Hundreds of firefighters continued their efforts to put out scattered fires that burn in Arcadia and in Eastern Mani, southern Peloponnese.

Top Ten Places You Should Visit in Mainland Greece

Mainland Greece is undoubtedly the top destination for those who are drawn to ancient ruins and other symbolic places of Greek classicism.