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Last Supper

Holy Thursday Commemorates Last Supper in the Greek Orthodox Church

Holy Thursday and the Last Supper is the culmination of the Divine Drama in the Greek Orthodox Church: The last day of Jesus Christ on earth

Last Meal Rooted in Ancient Greece

In society, mentions of the "Last Meal" or "Last Supper" refer to two quite specific events. The first is secular and refers to the last meal of the unlucky prisoners who find themselves on death row. The second is...

How Greeks Celebrate Holy Thursday, The Last Supper

On Holy Thursday, Greeks celebrate the saddest day of the Holy Week as it marks Jesus Christ’s last day on Earth. The Greek Orthodox Church brings to life the events of the Last Supper and Jesus' last day before he...

Jewish Extremists Disrupt Pentecostal Prayers of Greek Orthodox Leaders on Mount Zion

In accordance to various agreements, Christians are able to observe communal worship in the Cenacle on Mount Zion five times a year, including the important Christian celebration of the Pentecost. The Cenacle room on Mt Zion in Jerusalem is where two major events in the...