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Greek-Americans Discover Ancestors Who Fought In Greek Revolution

A team of researchers recently unearthed the direct lineage of many Greek Americans whose ancestors fought in the Greek Revolution.

New Movie Filmed in Kalamata Recreates Greek Revolutionary Era

"Kalamata 1821: Roads of Freedom" is a new movie about the Greek Revolution and the roles its protagonists played in the War of Independence.

LEGO Celebrates Greek Bicentennial With Historical Figures

To celebrate Greek Bicentennial, Liam Jensen created LEGOS of three figures from the revolution - Kolokotronis, Mavrokordatos and Lord Byron.

Greek War of Independence Heroes Visited Iconic Ship USS Constitution

The USS Constitution had three distinguished visitors during its Mediterranean visit in 1827 -Kolokotronis, Canaris and Lord Byron.

This Greek Independence Video Reenactment Will Give You Chills

Kalamata was the first city to be liberated as the Greeks rose in the Greek War of Independence. On 23 March 1821, it was taken over by the Greek revolutionary forces under the command of generals Theodoros Kolokotronis, Petros...

Benaki Museum Collection Travelling to Australia

The famous Greek Benaki Museum, in collaboration with Melbourne’s Hellenic Museum, are planning to bring one of Greece’s oldest private museum collections to Australia for the first time. Benaki Museum CEO, John Tatoulis is currently in Melbourne discussing the procedures...

Area Linked to 1821 Proclaimed Historical

Following the positive and unanimous approval of the Greek Central Archaeological Council, which met the local community’s longstanding demand, the area in Arkadia has been proclaimed a historical site. The area known as Trikorfa, the three mountain peaks in...

Jailed Junta Leader Gets Hero's Funeral

Nikolaos Dertilis, the last junta leader, who died in prison without showing any remorse for his actions, including the execution of a 20-year-old man during a student uprising against the ruling military leaders in 1973, was buried in Athens...