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What is the National Dish of Greece?

The country known for its delicious cuisine simply could not choose one dish to represent it.

Ten Greek Delicacies For Adventurous Foodies

We will explore some of the more extravagant Greek delicacies that you should definitely try. Here are some of the weirdest dishes.

The Famous British Chef Who Was Amazed By Greek Kokoretsi

Nigella Lawson, the famous English journalist and chef was in Greece this month to attend the wedding of the Greek-Australian chef and MasterChef Australia's judge George Kalombaris. Lawson visited the island of Mykonos and enjoyed the Greek hospitality and the...

Greek Gardoumbakia: Mini Kokoretsi Recipe

Greek gardoumbes, or gardoumbakia, are pieces of lamb organ meat wrapped in lamb intestines. It is a traditional Greek delicacy usually served on Easter. Here's the recipe: Ingredients; for the gardoumbakia; • LAMB INTESTINES (1 lb - 454 gr) • LAMB LIVERS AND...

Easter Lamb and Kokoretsi From Homer's Time

Very few know that traditional Greek Easter dishes and their cooking methods were known to the ancient Greeks since five thousand years ago. When Ancient Greeks roasted lamb on a spit, as there were no brushes or lemons then, they...

Top 10 Strange Greek Foods You May Like (or Not)

Taste is as subjective as beauty and this is why some foods are very common in a culture while outsiders think of them as strange or even weird. Greece does have some of these dishes. We compiled a list with the...