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Eating Like Orthodox Monks: “The Athos Diet”

Greek-American Pete Patitsas, an emergency medicine doctor, looked to the monks of Greece's Mount Athos for inspiration and direction in his book on diet and healthy living. The Athos Diet: Before There Was Atkins, There Was Athos, establishes what Patitsas...

Greece to Promote “Greek Diet” Brand Globally

Greece will begin promoting its excellent food products in the future by promoting the "Greek Diet" brand across the world.

Use Greek Fava to Create Budget-friendly Main Dishes (recipes)

Greek fava - the puree of yellow spilt peas - is a favorite traditional Greek food for the summer. However, this economically friendly and easy to make dish can be more than just an appetizer or complimentary to your...

Dietitians Recommend Cretan-Mediterranean Diet for a Healthy Heart

According to WHO, cardiovascular diseases are the cause of death for 17.5 million people annually. Every 4 seconds, a heart attack takes place somewhere in the planet. However, cardiovascular diseases can be prevented by following a heart-healthy lifestyle. One...