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Ancient Greek Anthesteria Festival Celebrated at Art Exhibition

Greek god Dionysos is honored in Anthesteria, an art exhibition inspired by the three-day festival celebrating nature and wine in ancient Athens

Orpheus: The Greatest Mystic and Musician of Greek Mythology

Orpheus, the son of god of music and healing, Apollo, and muse Calliope, was the greatest bard, mystic, and prophet in ancient Greek mythology. He had the most melodious voice of all mortals and his lyre playing enchanted gods, mortals,...

The Three Judges of the Ancient Greek Underworld

Ancient Greeks believed that all dead people ended up to a dark underworld called Hades (Άδης), where three judges decided on their afterlife fate

Autumn Equinox Marks Solemn Change of Seasons

Our Fall Equinox this year (2023) arrives at Saturday, September at 06:50 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). That would be at 2:50 a.m. EDT for those on the Americas' East coast. In Greek mythology, the Autumn equinox (which occurs on Wednesday)...

The Five Rivers of the Greek Underworld

Ruled by Hades, the god of the underworld, the infernal rivers of Greek mythology are often mentioned in ancient litterature.

Cerberus: Guard Dog of the Underworld in Ancient Greek Mythology

Cerberus (Greek: Κέρβερος/Kérberos) was the multi-headed guard dog of Hades, the Underworld in ancient Greek mythology. The hound's task was to guard the entrance to the Underworld and keep the living separated from the dead. The fearsome hound's description varies...

Unexpected Greek Roots in Slavic Folklore

Greek mythology has deeply impacted various cultures around the world, and its roots can surprisingly be seen in Slavic folklore and fairytales. Ancient heroes found their reflection in legends and fairy tales, and dangerous swamps and dense forests of Eastern...

The Concepts of Heaven and Hell in Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece's concepts for Heaven and Hell are of course different than those propounded by Christianity, but have striking similarities.

The Ancient Greek Myth of Sisyphus that’s Trending on TikTok and Twitter

The ancient Greek myth of Sisyphus is currently trending on social media sites like TikTok and Twitter. Users have been satirizing the myth in memes posted online. In Greek mythology, Sisyphus was a cunning and deceitful king who was condemned...

How Ancient Greece Shaped the Thought of Dante

Dante, the beloved poet of Italy, who penned the monumental and immortal works "Inferno," "Purgatorio," and "Paradiso," never visited Greece, but his thought was heavily influenced by the ancient Greeks and his poetry and, in turn, influenced Greek and...