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Mother’s Day: Timeless Photo of Greek Mother Saying Goodbye to Son

The photo of the emotional Greek mother giving one last farewell to her son is the essence of what is celebrated on Mother's Day.

15 Sayings Greek Mothers Tell Their Children

Greek mothers get kind of  "traditional" when it comes to their children, always repeating several cliché sayings that make children laugh

Greek Water Polo Player Feeding Baby During Game Goes Viral

Greek water polo player of the Chania team, Markela Ploumis, was photographed feeding her baby during a match and went viral. During the friendly water polo match between the Chania and Rethymno teams, the camera lens of Theofilos Kyriakopoulos, the...

Greek Mother Charged with Her Child’s Murder Given More Time to Testify

Greek mother Roula Pispirigkou whose three children all died in suspicious medical circumstances over the last three years was brought before an Athens examining magistrate on Thursday following her arrest in the city of Patras on Wednesday on murder...

15 Sayings Greek Mothers Use for Their Children

In our days, modern Greek mothers take fire from everywhere. They are unemployed, facing many financial difficulties, the misery of Greek bureaucracy, while being always put under pressure due to rising food prices, joblessness, defunct public education and health...