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15 Sayings Greek Mothers Use for Their Children

- Come on my boy, put on your T-shirt, it's very cold today. You'll fall sick!
– Come on my boy, put on your T-shirt, it’s very cold today. You’ll fall sick!

In our days, modern Greek mothers take fire from everywhere. They are unemployed, facing many financial difficulties, the misery of Greek bureaucracy, while being always put under pressure due to rising food prices, joblessness, defunct public education and health system, which only make the situation more challenging.
Greek mothers, however, get kind of  ‘traditional’ when it comes to their children, forgetting all of their problems and focusing on the well-being of the people they love and care about more than anyone, always repeating several cliché sayings that make children laugh while setting their teeth on edge.
“If you do/say this again I ‘ll have a heart-attack!”
– Because guilt is best used by Greek mothers.
“There is no ‘why’! It’s because I said so.”
– She’s right, she’s your mother…
“Wear a clean pair of underwear. Should you get injured and brought to the hospital, what would the nurses say?”
– They wouldn’t pay attention to the blood and to the fact that you’re dying, but to your dirty underwear. But, who knows, one of the nurses may become your future wife.
“You’re like your father.”
– He’s to blame for everything bad happens, including a possible alien invasion.
“Do you know what time you came home last night?”
– Of course they know, it’s just, they don’t care.
“Won’t you become father one day? I hope your children will do to you the same things you’ve done to me.”
– Family justice must be served.
“Stop walking barefoot on the floor or you’ll get a cold.”
– Every Greek mother has graduated med school.
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“Go on grouching and you’ll see what will happen. I brought you to this world, and I will kill you.”
– She’s the only one who has the right to!
“When I was your age, I had already two children.”
– When she was your age, it was 1960 – Kennedy was alive, but Elizabeth was still Queen of England. Things have changed… almost changed…
“Call your aunt. It’s her birthday today.”
– A Greek mother always pays attention to events that could harm the family harmony, even if you speak to your aunt once a year on her birthday.
“Take a coat or you’ll fall sick.”
– Even if it’s mid-summer outside, a sudden snowstorm could always be around the corner.
“-Are you hungry?
 -Fine, I’ll make you something any way.”
– A Greek mother has a highly developed intuition and always knows that secretly you’re hungry but afraid to admit it.
“Eat something! All that is left of us are skin and bones.”
– The sense of perception, however, is not always that accurate.
“Why must I do everything in here?”
– Because when we ask you what needs to be done, you say ‘nothing’.
“Call me when you get there.”
– Even if you go to your friends house two blocks away.
Nevertheless, mothers are unique and that is the reason why we love them.
Happy Mother’s Day.

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