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Syriza Break-Aways Form New Political Party “Nea Aristera”

After a series of internal conflicts in the progressive party Syriza, a new party has emerged in Greece. "Nea Aristera" (Νέα Αριστερά) , translated in English as "New Left", is led by Alexis Haritsis and 10 other MPs. According...

Stefanos Kasselakis: The Rising Star of the Greek Left

Stefanos Kasselakis is the rising star of the Greek Left after winning the first round of the SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance election for party leadership

Works of Greek Poet Yannis Ritsos Speak to a New Generation

A third volume of poems by the iconic modern Greek poet Yannis Ritsos has just been published in English by Manolis Aligizakis.

Polytechneio Uprising Anniversary Continues to Be an Anti-American Celebration

The mayor of Kaisariani, a neighborhood in Athens, announced that U.S. President Barack Obama is persona non grata in Athens. No surprise there, as the mayor is a member of the Greek Communist Party (KKE). Worse though, the national...