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Ancient Greek Helmet, Inscription Found in Italy’s Magna Graecia

An ancient Greek helmet and inscription were recently unearthed as part of the archaeological excavations at the acropolis of Elea-Velia, in what was once part of Greater Greece, or Magna Graecia. Massimo Osanna, the Director of the Museum of Velia...

Ancient Greek Helmet Found in Burial Chamber in Croatia

A very rare bronze Greek-Illyrian war helmet, used in Greece during the time of the Greco-Persian Wars, has just been discovered in a rock-cut tomb in Dalmatia, Croatia.

Dwayne Johnson Reveals New Photo from ‘Hercules’ Set

Dwayne Johnson seems to be getting quite comfortable in his role for Brett Ratner's upcoming epic, "Hercules: The Thracian Wars." Since filming began in Budapest, Hungary, Johnson has been posting updates via Twitter with photos from the set. On the first...