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Why Greeks Fly Kites on Clean Monday

Clean Monday — the beginning of Lent among Orthodox Christians — is the day Greeks fly kites (which are symbolic of the Resurrection).

Saint Yakinthos: Crete’s Own Patron Saint of Love

February 14th is the globally-celebrated day of Saint Valentine, internationally known as the day of lovers. Millions of stores around the world are lavishly decorated in red and vast quantities of roses, chocolates and stuffed animals are sold and...

Greece’s Zakynthos Island Honors Patron Saint Dionysios

Hundreds of faithful flocked to the Metropolis of the Greek island of Zakynthos on Friday to mark the feast day of Saint Dionysios, the patron saint of the Ionian island. Later, they joined a procession as members of the Orthodox...

Corruption in Sport Existed Even at the Olympics in Ancient Greece

Bribery, cheating, doping, and overall corruption have often tarnished the image of the Olympic Games in the past few decades.

The Comeback of Greek Festivals in the US

After a year spent social distancing, how wonderful it is to see that a number of Greek festivals are taking place once again in the US.

Greek Superstitions: Weird Things People in Greece Believe

There are so many quirky and even down right weird superstitions that Greeks believe. Let’s take a look at the weirdest Greek superstitions.

Ten Wacky Facts About Greece That Will Surprise You

There is much more to Greece than meets the (evil) eye! Here are 15 facts about Greece that you won't learn in school or in a guidebook!

Thousands Defy COVID Restrictions for Botides, Corfu’s Easter Tradition

The Greek island of Corfu kept the Holy Saturday tradition of ''Botides'' alive for yet another year in 2021

The Haunting Legend of the Walking Dead Vrykolakas on Mykonos

Let's talk walking dead for a minute. In case you were unaware, before the Age of Enlightenment in the 18th century, there were creatures noted in Greek folklore that were considered to be dangerous, walking dead creatures called vrykolakas. Similar...

Syrtaki Dance Gains Fans in Mykonos

In a bid to attract more tourists, entrepreneurs on Mykonos have put an emphasis on Greek folklore, and Syrtaki and other Greek dances, considered old-fashioned by many, seem to be coming back into fashion, attracting tourists and locals alike. “Roca Cookery” restaurant was a pioneer...