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Unique Greek Liqueurs Perfect for Autumn

Greece is not only known for its cuisine, but also for its unique traditional liqueurs. Many of the favorites, surprisingly enough, are derived from ingredients that have amazing health benefits as well. Let's look at some unique selections that...

Ouzo, The Spirit of the Greek Summer

The anise-flavored drink Ouzo is deeply connected with the nation of Greece. It is simply the spirit of Greek summer which no one can copy.

In Research to Save the Greek Mastic from Climate Change

Researchers on the island of Chios are examining new ways to produce mastic, a resin obtained from the mastic tree (Pistacia lentiscus), which is native to the Mediterranean region. The research project, which is being undertaken by Mediterra and the...

Greek Alcohol Exports Achieved Historic Heights in 2022

Greek alcohol exports reached historic highs last year according to Eurostat statistics processed by SEAOP. Ouzo proved particularly popular and was hailed as the "flagship" of the Greek alcohol industry. Greek alcoholic beverages were especially sought-after in Germany, which was...