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Greek Diaspora

University of Pittsburgh Celebrates Greek Culture

The Greek Nationality Room, established 80 years ago to celebrate Greek culture at the University of Pittsburgh, will be the site of an upcoming commemoration on November 5-7. Established by local industrialists on November 7, 1941, the center is a...

Registration on Electoral Lists of Greeks Residing Abroad Begins

Greeks who reside abroad but have lived in Greece for two years in the last 35 years can register to vote in national elections via an online platform activated recently, the Interior Ministry said on Wednesday. With its new information...

The Greek Paradox: Why Do First Generation Greek-Australians Live Longer?

Scottish-Australian physician Norman Swan has made a complex discovery. Swan found that Greek-Australians, despite subscribing to potentially life threatening practices and diets, have the second highest life expectancy behind the Japanese. Swan dubbed this situation "the Greek Paradox" in...

The Greeks Making Millions Out of Trash in Waste Removal

Three Greek Cypriots based in London -- Aaron Marc Georgiou, Alexie Crassas, and Christos Yiannopoulos -- gave up their stable careers in the bustling city to turn people's trash into treasure with their waste removal business, called LITTA. LITTA, founded...

Diaspora Rushes to Help Greece During Worst Fires in Modern History

The Greek diaspora, always ready to help the motherland in an emergency, is now pitching in to help in the Greece fire recovery efforts.

The Day the First Greeks Arrived in Australia

It was a day much like any other, on August 27, 1829 when the first-ever recorded Greeks set foot on the continent of Australia.

AHEPA Celebrated 99 Years of Service in Athens Convention

Celebrating 99 years, the order of AHEPA commenced in Athens with its international convention in plenary sessions and ceremonies, bestowing the organization’s highest honors on the President of the Hellenic Republic, the Prime Minister of Greece and the President of Cyprus.

Meet the Greeks of Medellin, Colombia

The small Greek community of Medellin, Colombia--comprised mainly of entrepreneurs and professionals--is booming. Colombia's second-largest city, called the "City of Eternal Spring" for its temperate weather, has changed a great deal since the 1980's and 1990's, when it was regarded...

AHEPA Supreme Convention Underway in Athens, Greece

AHEPA, the American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association is holding its 99th-anniversary supreme convention in Athens.

The History of Greektown in Chicago from the 1840s to Now

Greektown in Chicago came about after Greek ship captains arrived in the city in the 1840s from New Orleans by way of the Mississippi River.