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The Tragic Story of Greece’s Loutraki Landfill Dogs

Loutraki is the site of a devastating scene, a place that houses more than a hundred landfill dogs who are living in deplorable conditions.

South Koreans Urged to Stop Eating Dog Meat

South Korean President Moon Jae-in has spoken out against the practice of eating dog meat. The President is even considering banning the dish entirely. Eating dog meat has been a part of the country's culinary tradition for many generations, and...

Snakes, Apes and Ferrets: The Ancient Greek Love of Pets

Animals were an important part of life in antiquity, and Ancient Greeks loved their pets. Ancient sources tell us that they kept a wide variety of animals at home, ranging from dogs to snakes. Paintings, writings, and sculptures from ancient...

New Greek Pet Law Meets Toughest Opposition Yet

Pet owners and hunters from all over Crete gathered to wage a protest against the controversial pet law proposed by the Greek government.

Greece’s New Pet Law May Threaten Ancient Greek Dog Breed Alopekis

Dog lovers in Greece fear that a new pet law could further threaten the already-vulnerable ancient Greek dog breed called Alopekis.

Like Us, the Ancient Greeks Loved Their Dogs

Ancient Greeks had a great love and respect for their dogs, cherishing them as companions, protectors, and hunters.

Greece Introduces New Regulations for Pets; Stricter Penalties for Abuse

Greece is introducing new regulations for pet owners, sellers and stricter penalties for pet abuse in a new bill presented to Parliament on Thursday.

Stray Puppies Seek Refuge in an Outdoor Nativity Scene in Greece

In a moving and somehow very appropriate Christmas scene, a group of stray puppies sought out shelter from the elements in an outdoor creche in the village of Neochori on Mount Pelion. The adorable puppies kept warm and safe in...

Animal Cruelty in Greece Now Punishable by Up to 10 Years in Prison

The Greek Parliament on Thursday unanimously passed a new law that makes serious animal abuse a crime that can lead to a maximum 10-year prison sentence. According the new provisions, people who mistreat animals will also have to pay "a...

Tortured Dog Recovers, Becomes a Symbol of Animal Rights in Greece

The dog who was the victim of a brutal knife attack in the Athenian suburb of Nikaia has now fully recovered, and is a symbol in the campaign for animal rights in Greece. The attack occurred earlier in October, when...