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Dodecanese islands

The Six Breathtaking Shipwrecks of Karpathos Island

A new video created on behalf of the Municipality of Karpathos offers a rare glimpse at the six shipwrecks hiding in the island's waters.

Greek Island That Banned Swimming Pools Reaches 100% Occupancy

The Greek island that banned the creation of swimming pools due to their environmental impact, is expecting 100 percent occupancy in August.

Discover the Hidden Beauty of Leros Island

Located between Patmos and Kalymnos, Leros is a stunning island in the Dodecanese. The island is isolated and well worth discovering.

The Mecca of WWII Shipwreck Diving is at Leros Island, Greece

Since 1943, Leros island in the eastern Aegean has been the world's second biggest "museum" of WWII shipwrecks after Normandy. During the past five years, the island has been turned into a go-to destination for diving tourism. The Eastern Aegean...

All the Greek Island Groups Explained

  You have probably seen the postcard of whitewashed houses gathered together overlooking the endless blue waters of the Aegean Sea countless times, and rightly so. Greece is known for its abundance of unique islands, which every summer offer visitors...

Prasonisi, Rhodes: Greek Island in Winter, Peninsula in Summer

Prasonisi in Rhodes, the biggest Greek island of the Dodecanese, is a stunning beach that surprises visitors depending on when they visit. It transforms itself from being an island to a peninsula depending on the season. Only 92 kilometers (57...

Kalymnos Island on Strict Lockdown After Rise in Coronavirus Infections

Kalymnos has been placed under strict coronavirus containment measures as of Thursday, New Year's Eve, the government said on Wednesday.

Andros: The Island Getaway on the Doorstep of Athens

Accolades for the island of Andros, situated in the Cyclades archipelago just ten kilometers (six miles) off the tip of Euboea Island, keep coming in the major international media, which continue to sing its many praises. The Sunday Times recently...

The Strangest Island in the Dodecanese (photos)

The Aegean Sea consists of amazing unknown treasures, uninhabited paradises, islands of unique beauty and unexpected landscapes. The Greek island of Gyali -- located less than ten kilometers (six miles) from Turkey and half way between Kos and Nisyros -- brings together...

Religious Tourism Booms in Greece: The Island of Patmos

  Religious tourism is a growing slice of the touristic industry. It’s a kind of tourism that can either strengthen personal faith or help discover new cultures and traditions. Religious tourism creates awareness of the importance of preservation of holy...