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What Exactly Caused Jesus Christ’s Death?

It is known that the death of Jesus Christ occurred somewhere between AD 30 and AD 33. But the manner of his death remains a mystery. According to the Bible, Jesus fell while carrying the cross to Calvary, the skull-shaped...

Brain Scan Suggests We Play a “Last Recall” of Life Events Before Death

In the first ever recording of a dying brain, scientists say we may actually relive our most important life events just before death, a University of Louisville research paper suggests. Published on Tuesday, the paper recounts how scientists accidentally captured...

Coronavirus Death Toll in Greece Among Highest in the World

Greece announced that a total of 20,507 new coronavirus cases had been diagnosed around the country on Friday, while 108 people suffering with the virus had passed away over the past 24 hours. The increased death rate per million in...

World Pays Homage to Great Greek Mikis Theodorakis

Countries from all over the world paid homage to Mikis Theodorakis, the greatest Greek composer in its history, whose music has touched generations. Mikis, as he is affectionately known by millions of Greeks around the world, died at his home...

Hunger Crises Caused More Deaths than Coronavirus in 2020

More people are currently dying due to famine than the coronavirus, according to a report released by anti-poverty organization Oxfam on Friday. 

Body Discovered in the UK Identified as Greek Man Stathis Anthis

The body of a 33-year-old Greek man, Efstathios (Stathis) Anthis, was identified off the coast of the UK on Tuesday. 

Former Greek Minister’s Death at Sea a Murder, Says Witness

New evidence emerged on the death of former Greek minister Sifis Valirakis at sea in January suggesting that it was perhaps a murder.

The Pandemic One Year Later – How it Has Changed Us

To date, a total of 2,600,000 people have lost their lives from the Coronavirus pandemic. In Greece alone, a total of 7,137 with COVID-19 have died.

Visionary Scottish Musician Sophie Dies at 34 in Athens, Greece

Scottish musician Sophie Xeon, better known as ''Sophie'' died at the age of 34 in Athens, Greece in the early hours of Saturday. The Grammy-nominated record producer, singer, songwriter, and DJ tragically lost her life following a terrible accident in...

British Police Under Fire for the Death of Homeless Greek Man

A homeless man from Greece died from hypothermia after he was ejected from a London police station into sub-zero temperatures, an inquest jury concluded on Friday. Pericles Malagardis, 63, was found unresponsive in March of 2016 outside Uxbridge Station, near...