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The Most Famous Creatures from Greek Mythology

There are many stories in Greek mythology as well as creatures, which are supernatural beings, by powers and abilities, mostly immortal. These strange and sometimes terrifying creatures were used according to Greek mythology by the gods. They were sent to protect someone or something or simply to cause fear.

Biden Expresses Commitment to Strong US-Cyprus Relations

US President Biden sent a message of support to Cyprus President Nikos Anastasiades late Wednesday night, according to Cypriot government spokesman Kyriakos Koushos. Koushos stated that in a letter addressed to Anastasiades, Biden called Cyprus a "significant partner" in improving...

Trump Reelection Campaign Reaches Out to Greek-Americans on Eve of Vote

"Greek Voices for Trump," a group which has tasked itself with the reelection of President Trump to another term, released a statement to the press recently which lays out the reasons why it believes the sitting president is the...

Satire and Satyr At Epidaurus

National Theatre of Greece is going to perform  and come on stage with only satirical drama that will now bring Cyclops by Euripides. The performance will be staged by Vassilis Papavassiliou, with the leading triumvirate of Dimitris Piatas (Cyclops), Nikos...