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Psomi: The Greek Restaurant Taking Tampa, Florida by Storm

A Greek restaurant in Tampa, Florida called "Psomi" has become a favorite spot for diners thanks to the freshest ingredients, traditional values, and friendly service. Psomi, which is "bread" in Greek, is run by rising star chef Christina Theofilos, a...

Five Greek Bakeries Not to Miss in New York

For Greeks living abroad, it becomes a constant desire to discover flavors that make them feel closer to home. Greek bakeries in New York serve that exact purpose—to enrich people’s lives with traditional delicacies they grew up loving. New York's...

Greek Baker Gives Would-be Thief a Job — Changing His Life Forever

A Greek baker, named Giannis Vitsaras, gave a twelve year old boy who tried to steal from him a job rather than a punishment.

86-Year-Old Greek Baker Wows Tourists with Traditional Phyllo Flair

Giorgos Hatziparaskos, an 86-year-old baker from Crete, is one of the last people who creates the iconic Greek phyllo dough by hand.

Laid Off Greek Hotel Worker Witnesses Daughter Collapse from Hunger

A 9-year-old girl in Rhodes fainted from hunger earlier in the week as she was waiting with her unemployed mother at a local bakery to buy some bread, in an incident which highlights the desperate state many employees in...