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Greece-Turkey Dispute Has Helped Big Powers Sell Arms — for Decades!

Greece and Turkey are among the best arms buyers in the world and their historic rivalry has helped enrich the defense industries in the West

Greece Calls Once Again for EU to Impose Sanctions on Turkey

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias made yet another plea for the European Union to impose stiffer measures on the nation of Turkey for its rogue acts in the Mediterranean on Thursday, calling its behavior a “delinquent and provocative policy.” In...

Tsipras 'Knew from the Beginning' about Controversial Saudi Arms Deal

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras was aware of the proposed arms deal with Saudi Arabia from the beginning, according to leaked documents tabled in parliament by opposition MPs. The controversial agreement was the subject of a heated exchange in parliament...

Debt-Ridden Greece to Spend $2.4bn Upgrading its F-16 Fighter Jet Fleet

The United States has approved the possible sale of more than 120 upgrade kits from Lockheed Martin to the Greeks for their F-16 fighter jet fleet. The deal, worth $2.4bn, was announced as U.S. President Donald Trump met with Greek...