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DNA from Ancient Skeleton Sheds Light on Previously Unknown Humans

DNA retrieved from the ancient skeleton of a teenage girl found in Sulawesi, Indonesia has shed light on a group of previously unknown humans, providing insight into our development as a species. Information regarding the discovery of the stone-age skeleton,...

Elephants Once Roamed Greece’s Pinios River Valley

Today's placid scenes along the shores of Greece's Pinios River belie its ancient history as the home of hippopotamuses, bison and elephants.

1.5 Million Year Old Fossil Evidence of Multiple Migrations Out of Africa

A 1.5 million year old fossil is rewriting the "Out of Africa" theory once again, as vertebrae unearthed in Ubeidiya, Israel appear to show that individuals from a pre-human species came in one of multiple waves out of the...

The Ten Most Fascinating Discoveries About Human Ancestors in 2021

The ten most fascinating things discovered about our human ancestors were not difficult to decide this past year, which was a banner year in the field of research into human history. From North America through Europe and Asia, scientists who...