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Ancient Greek sweets

Loukoumades: From the Ancient Olympics to the Present Day

Loukoumades, a favorite sweet delicacy that can be found in every Greek city, have a thousand-year history. There is even literary evidence that loukoumades were enjoyed by the ancient Greeks at the Olympics. Many legends are associated with this popular...

Tavuk Gogsu, Kazandibi and its Roman-Byzantine Origins

Tavuk gogsu literally means chicken breast in Turkish. This dessert, which very few people know about and even fewer know how to prepare, is the ancestor of the much more famous Kazandibi. A thick cream made from chicken, milk and...

Pasteli, the Sweet Snack of Greece, Dates Back to Homer

Pasteli, παστελι, the ancient Greek dessert, has very few ingredients, but it has a great deal of history behind it.