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The Settlements of the Ancient Greeks in Egypt

For the majority of Egypt's Pharaonic history, Greece and Egypt had very little to do with each other. There is limited evidence for trade, and certainly not much evidence for regular travel between the two countries. However, in the...

7 Cities in Turkey of Great Greek Heritage

In today’s land of Asia Minor, cradle of ancient Greek scientific and philosophical thought, visitors still find the remnants of a great past.

The Aeolian Islands and Their Ancient Greek Heritage

The Aeolian Islands are a collection of seven islands in the Tyrrhenian Sea, north of Sicily. In ancient times, the islands were colonized and inhabited by the ancient Greeks. The islands also play an interesting role in Greek mythology. They...

The Greek Roots of the Names of Cities in Ukraine

Greeks reading the names of towns and cities in Ukraine in the news may wonder why places like Sevastopol, Simferopol, Mariupol, and Melitopol seem so familiar. Just like many Greek place names, all of these Ukrainian cities feature the characteristic...