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Mysterious Tomb of Ancient Egyptian General Discovered

Czech archaeologists recently discovered the mysterious tomb of an ancient Egyptian military commander who oversaw an army of foreign soldiers. The secret tomb of Wahibre-mery-Neith, an Egyptian general, was found at the Abusir Necropolis in Giza, home of the famous...

Ancient Greek Shipwreck Loaded with Treasures Discovered off Egypt

A shipwreck with ancient Greek treasures dating back to the Ptolemaic era of Egypt was discovered recently in the waters off Alexandria.

Cleopatra’s Favorite Perfume Recreated

Scientists have recreated Cleopatra's favorite perfume from a recipe written in Ancient Greek nearly two millennia ago. The Greek queen of ancient Egypt's legacy as an exotic, seductive, and powerful ruler of Egypt has persisted throughout the centuries. While she is...

Cleopatra’s Secret Drinking Club

Cleopatra was not just a famed Greek queen of Ancient Egypt but was also known for her love of parties. She even created her own secret drinking club. The famous ancient ruler became well known during her time for her...

Underwater City of Heracleion, Egypt, and its Links to Ancient Greece

The Lost City Of Heracleion, which was once the largest port in Egypt, was discovered underwater after more than 2,000 years.

Cleopatra: The Greek Queen of Ancient Egypt

The ethnic background of Cleopatra, the famed queen of Ancient Egypt, has been a persistent topic of conversation for years. Despite the fact that she ruled over Egypt, Cleopatra was Greek. Cleopatra VII Philopater ruled over Ancient Egypt from 51...

Oldest Recipe Found in Egypt is Written in Greek

The oldest written recipe found in Egypt is dated approximately the year 300 AD and it was written on papyrus in the Greek language.

Ancient Greeks Left Their Mark in Egypt in 591 BC – in Graffiti

The urge to leave your mark for posterity is nothing new, as ancient Greek graffiti carved into an Egyptian Temple clearly shows.

2,200-Year-Old Fruit Baskets Found in Underwater City of Heracleion

Fruit baskets -- with fruit still inside -- that are more than 2,200 years old were discovered in Heracleion, the ancient lost city of Egypt.

Scarabs, Phalluses, Evil Eyes: Ancient Amulets and Disease

Believed to possess magical qualities, ancient amulets were once widely used. They range from amber pendants worn during Denmark’s Mesolithic age to evil eyes in ancient Greece. By Marguerite Johnson Throughout antiquity, from the Mediterranean to Egypt and today’s Middle East,...