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Athens’ Acropolis Museum Reopens to the World

The director of Athens' Acropolis Museum said that the Museum is looking forward to reopening its gates to the public on Friday, May 14.

British Museum Returns Looted Ancient Greek Statue to Libya

After a long legal battle, London’s British Museum returned last week a looted ancient Greek statue of the goddess Persephone to Libya

Greek Students Take Part in Eratosthenes’ Greatest Experiment

An experiment devised by one of Greece's greatest scientists, Eratosthenes, was recreated once again recently by students from 35 nations.

Greece, New York: US City Renamed to Honor Greek War of Independence

Greece, New York was renamed after the declaration of the Greek War of Independence as a way to honor the great struggle of the Greek people.

Police Arrests Man for Trying to Sell Ancient Greek Statue

A finely made 5th-century BC ancient Greek statue was turned over to the Greek Ministry and Sports Culture by the Attica police on Friday.

Museum of Ancient Greek Technology Offers Virtual Tours

The technological inventions of the ancient Greeks come alive during new virtual tours of the Kotsanas Museum of Ancient Greek Technology.

Temple of Olympian Zeus in Athens Gets a Makeover

The Temple of Olympian Zeus in Athens is getting a makeover in what is seen as the single most difficult and important maintenance project in recent years in the Greek capital. The first 17-meter (55.7 foot) tall column at the...

Fox Announces New Comedy Set in Ancient Greece

Fox Entertainment recently announced its development of an animated comedy series set in ancient Greece, slated to be released in the Spring of 2022. The series, which Michael Thorn, the president of Fox Entertainment calls an "incredibly irreverent family comedy,"...

How Molon Labe is Distorted by QAnon and the Gun Lobby

By Dean Argiris As Greeks we all know the story. My maternal papou was a proud Spartan and so the story of King Leonidas and his 300 personal guards was akin to a bedtime story for me. It got to the...

Ancient Greek Statues Unearthed from Tomb East of Athens

Two ancient Greek statues depicting female figures were uncovered from inside a burial tomb east of Athens, the Greek Ministry of Culture announced on Sunday. The discovery was made during the construction of the new City Hall of Paiania. According to...