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22 July 1943: The Day Greeks Rebelled Against the Nazis for Macedonia

Greeks have a love affair with Macedonia, and even during the Nazi occupation gave their lives for keeping the province Greek.

Ten Things to Do in Kavala: The Beautiful Gateway to Macedonia

The city of Kavala in northern Greece, which rises up from the sea like an amphitheater, is a gem waiting to be explored for its rich history and beautiful surroundings.

North Macedonia Promises to Correct Jersey Logos

Zoran Zaev said that the ongoing issue of the name displayed on the jerseys of his nation's football players is being addressed.

Vergina: Where Proof of Macedonia’s Greek Origin Was Uncovered

In Vergina, a small town in northern Greece, Greek archaeologist Manolis Andronikos found proof of Macedonia's Greek roots.

Greece Split in Half: Snow in the North, Warm in the South

Greece has been split in half since Saturday in terms of its weather conditions, with snow in the north and warm temperatures in the south.

Dozens of Ancient Greek Coins Discovered in Romania

Dozens of ancient Greek coins were discovered recently by a retired policeman in a village in southern Romania.

Cold Front “Medea” Approaches Athens, Leaves Northern Greece Snowy

After touching down in northern Greece on Saturday, the cold front Medea has continued to bring down temperatures across the country on Sunday. The cold front, which has blanketed much of northern Greece in snow, originated as cold masses of...

Epidemiologist Tsiodras Calls for More Facemask Use, Says Virus Spread "Impossible to Control"

As the number of new confirmed coronavirus infections rose well above 1,000 for the first time since the pandemic began in Greece on Tuesday, infectious diseases expert Sotiris Tsiodras called on his fellow citizens to avoid mass gatherings and...

Greek Immigrants Return to Form a Nation After Defending Homeland in Balkan Wars

In a live-streamed presentation for the historical society of Schenectady New York in 2020, Peter S. Giakoumis, author of the book "The Forgotten Heroes of the Balkan Wars: Greek-Americans and Philhellenes 1912-1913" presented a little-known aspect of the American...

Record 372 Coronavirus Cases in Greece; Emergency Partial Lockdowns

A record 372 cases of the coronavirus were announced by Greek officials on Thursday, along with one death in a victim with the virus. This is the highest number of cases recorded in the country in a 24-hour-period since the...