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The Spectacular Sandy Beaches of Greece’s Acheloos River

The Acheloos River, or as it is alternatively known, the Achelous, is an approximately 140-mile long river which empties into the Ionian Sea.

Why Greeks Celebrate Name Days: An Orthodox Tradition

Name day is a uniquely Greek feast as people celebrate the feast of an Orthodox Christian saint, holy person or martyr they are named after

The Role of Slavery in Ancient Greece

Slavery in Ancient Greece was acceptable and common, as in most organized societies of the time, yet with differences between city states

Diogenes: Likely First Person to Give Someone the Finger

The ancient Greek philosopher, Diogenes the Cynic, was most likely the man who invented "the finger" as an insult. The historian of philosophy Diogenes Laertios wrote that the cynical philosopher Diogenes made the rude gesture to the orator Demosthenes in...

A Forgotten Greece: The Pomakochoria

The Pomakochoria in the Thrace region in Greece are villages were Pomaks, a Muslim minority, live in the Rhodope mountain range.

Greece Bans LGBT Conversion Therapy for Minors

Greece banned conversion therapy, or a widely criticized method of attempting to change one's sexual or gender identity, for minors on Wednesday. The bill, which passed in parliament, will impose hefty fines and even prison terms on psychologists and other...

Netflix to Introduce Ads by End of 2022

Streaming giant Netflix is set to introduce a lower-cost subscription tier that includes ads, the company told its employees. The service is known to be completely ad-free, unlike competitor Hulu, but recent hikes in prices and drops in subscribers have...

15 Sayings Greek Mothers Tell Their Children

Greek mothers get kind of  "traditional" when it comes to their children, always repeating several cliché sayings that make children laugh

The Greek-American Guardian of Neoclassical Athens

Athens has a vast collection of neoclassical architecture gems dotting the city. Some are world famous. Most buildings go however unnoticed.

Consumers in Greece to Receive 60 Percent Rebate On Electricity Bills

Consumers in Greece will be getting a rebate of 60 percent on the extra charges they paid for their electricity from December to May, as part of a packet of relief measures to tackle soaring energy prices, PM Kyriakos...

Marfin Bank Arson Has Haunted Greece for Over a Decade

Eleven years have passed since the deadly Marfin Bank arson. The culprits are still at large, as Greek police launches a new investigation

The 20 Most Common Greek Last Names

If you're in a crowd in Greece and shout "Mr. Papadopoulos," the most common surname in Greece, chances are that at least one man will turn his head.

Greece Drops a Whopping 38 Places in Press Freedom Rankings

Greece dropped 38 places in the world rankings of press freedom according to the annual report by Reporters Without Borders (RSF) published on Tuesday. Greece dropped from 70th place in 2021 to 108th in 2022 and has become the lowest...

US Supreme Court May Overturn Landmark Abortion Law

The US Supreme Court looks poised to overturn a landmark ruling allowing abortion for women across the United States, according to Politico magazine. In a 98-page draft opinion, leaked to Politico, Justice Samuel Alito writes that the 1973 Roe v....

DreamWakers: Inspiring and Mentoring Disadvantaged Students in the US

DreamWakers, co-founded by Greek-American Monica Logothetis, connects students from low-income families across the US to career role models.