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Greece Braces For “Dangerous Weather Phenomena” This Weekend

Residents of Greece were warned of "dangerous weather phenomena" as storm Bettina was approaching on Saturday from the Adriatic Sea.

Severe Weather in Greece Causes Extensive Damage Across the Nation

Severe weather conditions have been wreaking chaos in various parts of Greece since the early hours of Saturday. The storm, characterized by gale-force winds and...

Climate Crisis Costing $16M an Hour in Extreme Weather Damage

The impact of the climate crisis, as caused by extreme weather events, has incurred a cost of sixteen million dollars per hour over the...

Temperatures Surging as El Nino Weather Pattern Returns

UN’s World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has officially announced the arrival of a climate-heating El Niño event. Experts are sounding the alarm, emphasizing the critical...

Stormy Weather Leaves Two Dead, Floods Streets In Greece

Stormy weather affecting Greece caused severe floods in Thessaloniki and left two dead, on Lefkada and Mount Olympus.

Extreme Weather Fear As El Nino Arrives, NOAA Warns

Scientists from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), on Thursday, announced the arrival of an expected climate phenomenon called El Nino. This...

Meet the Anemoi, the Greek Gods of Weather

Ancient Greeks believed that the weather, like nearly everything else on earth, was the result of divine activity. Wind, specifically, was associated with the...

Greece Braces For Stormy Weather

Greece braces for stormy weather as the Ilina weather front is approaching from Italy, bringing heavy rain and gusty winds.

Barbara Weather Front Pounds Greece for Third Day

The Barbara weather front continues to bring low temperatures, frost, and heavy snowfall in several parts of Greece for a third day on Tuesday. Residents...

Winter Weather Worsens Plight of Earthquake Victims in Turkey and Syria

As the authorities and first responders struggle to care for survivors in Turkey and Syria, concerns are growing that winter weather conditions will make...