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Greek Police Dismantle Criminal Group Smuggling Migrants

Greek police say they have dismantled an international criminal organization that trafficked undocumented immigrants into and out of the country. Arrests were made throughout Athens'...

Loukoumades Mafia Busted By Greek Police

Greek police have broken up the "loukoumades mafia" which has been operating in numerous locations across Chalkidiki, Northern Greece.

Disabled Greek Police Officer Fights Discrimination, is Reinstated

A Greek police officer who was discharged in 2009 due to disability was reinstated into the force this week after launching a successful campaign...

Turkey Releases Greek Police Officer Arrested Near Evros Border

A Greek police officer and his partner who were arrested by Turkish security forces on Sunday near the border region of Evros were released...

At Least 20 Greek Police Officers Arrested in Citizenship Racket

Greek police have identified at least 30 officers who are implicated in an illegal citizenship racket, it was revealed on Wednesday. Following a months-long investigation,...

Greek Police Arrest Nearly 100 Cuban Migrants Headed to Italy

Hundreds of Cuban migrants gathered in the airport on the Greek island of Zakynthos on Thursday, hoping to fly to Italy to escape the...

Greek Police Shoot Dead Young Roma; Protests Erupt Near Athens

Greek police shot and killed a 20-year-old Roma man early Saturday morning. The shooting took place following a car chase in the suburb of...

Greek Police Clash with Anti-Mandatory Vaccination Protesters in Athens

Greek police clashed with protesters in Athens following a relatively small demonstration against the mandatory vaccination of certain professional groups.

Stolen Picasso and Mondrian Paintings Recovered by Greek Police

Two stolen paintings by Pablo Picasso and Piet Mondrian have finally been found by Greek police. Nearly ten years ago, on January 9, 2012,...

Caroline Crouch Murder: Former Suspect Accuses Greek Police of Torture

A former suspect of the murder of Caroline Crouch has accused the Greek police of torturing him to confess a crime he did not commit.