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Top Mysteries and Strange Phenomena in Greece

Greek Mysteries x files
Greek mysteries, strange phenomena and destinations that could qualify for an episode of “The X-Files” can be found all over Greece.  Credit:Violeta Meleti/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 4.0

Greek mysteries and strange destinations that could qualify for an episode of The X-Files can be found all over Greece. The country is home to many strange legends, destinations, and uncanny stories that have not yet been scientifically explained.

Different areas of Greece are considered places of mystery and have their own legends that attract investigators and curious tourists. Below is our list with the top five mystery destinations in Greece.

The Peloponnese is full of strange Greek Mysteries fit for The X-Files

Τhis artificial island of Greece, separated from the mainland by the narrow Corinth Canal, is home to some one million residents in its seven prefectures.

Close at hand to Athens, it only takes a few hours to escape the busy Greek capital and enter the natural beauties of the most remote areas of the Peloponnese, which are known for their rich history and unique customs and traditions.

Is the Pyramid of Mt. Taygetus a natural formation, or man-made?

strange phenomena greece x files
Approaching the Pyramid at the Profitis Ilias peak of Mt. Taygetus. credit: Herbert Ortner/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY 3.0

The Pyramid Phenomenon at Mount Taygetus’ highest peak has been attracting many visitors over the years for its unique quality, as it forms a sharp pyramid that seems to be man-made. It is yet another Greek mystery according to many.

Some claim this pyramid is a well-placed stone cone on the mountain and is one of the oldest pyramids in the world while others argue that it is simply a natural rock formation.

The peak casts a perfect, pyramid-shaped shadow on the land below it, adding to its splendor for those who summit the mountain.

People from around the world visit the pyramid in order to find out for themselves whether this is an example of human labor or a product of natural forces carving stone.

Some extreme theories even point to extraterrestrials creating the pyramid.

Despite the contradicting theories regarding its origin, many people believe that the ancient site is imbued with powerful energy, making the Greek Pyramid a destination for those looking to experience the strange and supernatural.

Church of Agia Theodora: the Greek mystery of a tree with no roots

Greek mystery of Saint Theodora: Greece X files
The Church of Agia Theodora, a strange destination in Greece. Credit: EntaXoyas/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 3.0

One of the most bizarre churches in all of Greece is located only a few miles outside the town of Megalopolis in the region of Arkadia in the Peloponnese.

Seventeen trees embrace the Byzantine church, which dates to the twelfth century with branches that extend out of its roof; yet, the roots of the trees are nowhere to be found.

Experts cannot fully understand nor explain the weird phenomenon, but public tradition leans toward a theological, miraculous explanation.

According to religious tradition, the martyrdom of Saint Theodora—after whom the church is named—caused her body to become the church while her hair grew into trees and her blood turned into the river running under the hill where the church is located.

The church is well-known for what many consider to be its miraculous trees and attracts pilgrims and believers from across the country who claim that the church is full of spiritual power.

The Asclepion at Epidaurus, where the ill in ancient Greece sought a strange treatment

The Asclepion at Epidaurus. Credit: Sharon Mollerus/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY 2.0

The Asclepion at Epidaurus is one of the largest ancient healing temples still standing.

Today, it owes a great deal of its fame to the theater, a wonder of acoustics which is still in operation today, but, in ancient times, it served as a medical sanctuary, and serious illnesses were treated there.

People from all over the Eastern Mediterranean region flocked to Epidaurus in antiquity to find cures for their various maladies.

It is thought that the strange treatment involved sleeping in the temple and allowing many snakes to slither over you as you slept.

Contemporary scholars can actually study some of the diseases of the time, as those looking to be healed would go to local sculptors to have their affected body part made into a figure to dedicate to the temple.

From the remnants of these sculptures, archaeologists can map out the afflictions of ancient people.

The temple was a spacious resort which included guesthouses, a gymnasium, a stadium, and the famous theater, which served to “elevate the soul.” Ancient Greeks viewed this as the goal of all theatrical plays, both tragedies and comedies.

Along with its many luxurious facilities, the Asclepieion of Epidaurus offered beautiful, serene natural surroundings with lush vegetation and stunning views of the surrounding mountaintops.

Davelis Cave, a strange destination in Greece

Greek Mystery of Ntavelis Cave: Greece x files
Davelis Cave on Penteli is a Greek mystery that has remained unsolved. Credit: Public Domain

This is perhaps the most famous metaphysical place in Greece. The Cave of Penteli survives through the ages along with its legends and mysteries.

The cave was first discovered in the 5th century BC, as the area around it on Mt. Penteli was used as a marble quarry in antiquity.

Since ancient times and into the modern day, the cave, which is part of a complex, subterranean web linking many caves together, has been associated with some sort of spiritual power that has pulled people to the site to worship.

In ancient Greece, followers of the Greek god Pan and the Nymphs used the Davelis cave as a place of worship. Many contemporary pagans still worship at this site in Greece.

In the Middle Ages, Christian hermits used the cave as their home, and a church was even built at the entrance of the cave. It later became connected to heretical monastic groups that split from the Orthodox Church.

The cave itself is named after a legendary highway robber from the 19th century named Davelis, who apparently used it as a hideout. According to popular folklore, he even buried a massive treasure in the depths of the cave.

Furthermore, according to rumors, the cave was even used as a military arms testing or communication site.

Its mysterious history has made the cave a popular site for those seeking out bizarre locations in Greece. Many have reported the presence of ghosts, strange sights and sounds, and secret underground rooms in the cave, making it the perfect subject for an investigation on X-Files.

Many people stumble across the cave by simply hiking on the mountain in the vicinity of Athens.

The entrance of the cave is found along one of the most famous climbing routes in Greece, but the cave remains closed to the public at night.

Aheron, a historical, mythological, and strange destination in Greece

the Acheron river. Credit: Oliver Deisenroth/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 3.0

Aheron is a river in Epirus in northwestern Greece. The stunning, sandy banks of the Aheron hide a darker past, as they are thought to be the entrance to Hades, or the Ancient Greek underworld.

As many ancient Greeks believed that their loved ones were taken to the river after their death in order to enter Hades, the site became a hub for those hoping to communicate with the dead or even bring them back to life.

Many contemporary visitors have reported that the site, although beautiful, has a strange, dark energy, owing to its mythological past.

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