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Mystery of Exceptional Sound at Greece’s Epidaurus Theater Solved

The ancient mystery of the great sound quality at the ancient Greek theater of Epidaurus has finally been solved, researchers posit.

Vacation in Greece: Where to Visit in Argolis, Peloponnese

Located at just under a two-hour drive from Athens, the Argolid Peninsula in the Peloponnese region has a variety of historical sites and is absolutely beautiful with a rich culture for tourists looking for a spectacular vacation in Greece. The...

Greek X-Files: Top Mysteries and Strange Phenomena in Greece

If Mulder and Scully, investigators from the "The X-Files," were to visit Greece, would there be strange destinations for them to examine?

The Athens and Epidaurus Festival Keeps Ancient Greek Theater Alive

Each year, actors, directors, and theater lovers from around the world come to Greece to participate in the Athens and Epidaurus Festival. One of Europe's oldest continuously running festivals, the event revives one of Greece's most ancient and revered arts—theater. The...

Henry Miller and the “Light of Greece”

Henry Miller, one of the great American writers, was enamored with Greece and his favorite book he wrote is a travelogue of the country

Epidaurus’ Dig Uncovers Layers of Ancient Greek History

Recent excavations at the Asclepeion of Epidaurus have revealed the remains of an even older temple building found at the shrine.

Top Ten Most Spectacular Greek Archaeological Discoveries of 2020

This is the top 10 most spectacular Greek archaeological discoveries 2020, another banner year for Greece in the realm of archaeology.

Ancient Greeks Built Ramps for Disabled in Public Buildings

The use of ramps for people with disabilities is an ancient Greek innovation that experts have recently confirmed.

National Theatre Presents Play "My Mother's Sin" in Ancient Sites Across Greece

As part of the nation's "All of Greece, One Culture" initiative from the Greek Ministry of Culture, the National Theatre will stage performances of Georgios Vizyenos' modern dramatic masterpiece "My Mother's Sin." Originally a short story by the Greek writer,...

Epidaurus Theatre to Live-Stream Ancient Play For First Time

A performance of the ancient Greek play "The Persians," by Aeschylus, will be streamed live to a global audience on Saturday, July 25, from the ancient theatre of Epidaurus. As part of this year’s Athens and Epidaurus Festival, the National...