Greek News UK Newspaper Suggests Brits Should Visit Greek Islands in 2021

UK Newspaper Suggests Brits Should Visit Greek Islands in 2021

The view of Santorini in Greece

One of Great Britain’s most popular tabloids, The Mirror, recently published a list of twelve destinations that the British should visit in 2021.
Among the top-12 list, one can find many Greek islands, showing how Greek summer destinations are still considered as being great choices for one’s summer holidays.
The list is comprised of countries rather than individual destinations, and the Greek islands are grouped as one of the 12 destinations Brits should consider this year.
”The Greek Islands offer up some very different holiday experiences -which is often why they’re so popular with visitors who keep coming back,” the British newspaper said.
The article suggests that those planning a vacation this summer should consider visiting Crete, Greece’s largest island, as well as Rhodes, Corfu, Mykonos, and Santorini.
The Greek islands found themselves on this list among both traditional and exotic destinations, such as Italy, Malta as well as Costa Rica, and Thailand.

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