Greece Greek Child Piano Prodigy Stelios Kerasidis Releases Modern Version of Famous Greek...

Greek Child Piano Prodigy Stelios Kerasidis Releases Modern Version of Famous Greek Folk Song

Stelios Kerasidis and Ioanna Xaralampous, who plays clarinet on the song. Credit: Stelios Kersidis/Youtube

Stelios Kerasidis, a seven-year-old Greek piano prodigy and composer, has brought a traditional Greek folk song from the region of Epirus into the modern era.
Kerasidis’ Isolation Waltz, which he wrote in March of 2020, went viral as people around the world were amazed by the child’s breathtaking creative talents.
The song was inspired by the impact of the coronavirus epidemic, so deeply felt all around the world, and the isolation that many are facing while in quarantine.
This is not the first time Kerasidis, who has been playing piano since he was three years of age, has received international attention for his outstanding musical ability.
In 2018, when Kerasidis was just five years old, he won first place in the Golden Classical Music Awards.
Children from around the world participate in the prestigious musical competition, and the winners have the opportunity to play at the iconic Carnegie Hall in New York City.
When Kerasidis performed there in 2018, he became the youngest Greek musician to ever play at the historic venue.
His most recent project is a modern take on the traditional Greek song from Epirus, Gianni Mou To Mantili Sou, which features his own interpretation of the song on piano, accompanied by the traditional clarinet.

The song, an iconic melody in traditional Greek music, is brought into contemporary times by the talent of the impressive child prodigy.