Greece Offensive Rape Remark by "Big Brother" Contestant Causes Uproar in Greece

Offensive Rape Remark by "Big Brother" Contestant Causes Uproar in Greece

A still image from the video where the contestant makes the vulgar remark.

A vulgar remark about rape by a contestant of the reality show “Big Brother” on Sunday night  has caused an uproar in Greece, with the government saying it was an “incitement to a criminal act.”
The show, aired by the private SKAI TV channel, axed the contestant immediately following his offensive rant, when he appeared to suggest that if he does not get sex daily, he will rape.
Note: the following video contains vulgar and sexist language.

Government spokesman Dimitris Petsas called for the intervention of the Greek TV watchdog, the National Broadcasting Council.
In a tweet, Petsas said that the “vulgar sexist remark” about rape points to “incitement to a criminal act,” and called on SKAI TV to take action against those responsible.

Thousands of internet users made #cancelbigbrothergr the top trend on Greek Twitter. Almost all of them expressed their fury at the show and the contestant.

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