Greek News Cyprus EU Threatens Turkey With Sanctions, Calls for Dialogue in Dispute With Greece

EU Threatens Turkey With Sanctions, Calls for Dialogue in Dispute With Greece

European Union headquarters in Brussels. Credit: Wiktor Dabkowski/ Flickr

Facing rising tension over Turkey’s energy exploration efforts in Greek and Cypriot waters, the EU called for dialogue and an end to the continued acts of aggression by Greece’s neighbor on Monday.
If Turkey does not heed the warning, European Union officials have said that sanctions will be put into place.
The EU’s most recent announcement on the situation comes as Turkey has sent ships, accompanied by fighter jets and warships, to explore sources of oil in disputed waters near and in Greek territory.
Recent rhetoric from Turkish officials has even mentioned occupying Greece’s Aegean islands, including Chios and Kastellorizo, where hundreds of thousands of Greek citizens live.
Escalating tensions in the region are bubbling to the surface as many have noted a turn toward nationalism in Turkey, along with a plan of expanding the country’s territory and resources, called “the Blue Homeland.”
While Cyprus, Greece, and France want to take a hard-line approach in handling the crisis with Turkey, the nations of Italy, Spain, and Germany are following a softer angle.
Germany has attempted to mediate dialogue between Greece and Turkey, which are both members of NATO. Germany hopes that dialogue between the countries will allow for a de-escalation in the region.

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