Greece Most Beautiful Beaches in Athens

Most Beautiful Beaches in Athens

There is much more to Athens than the Acropolis and museums. The city and surrounding suburbs happen to have the longest coastline of any European capital.
Make the most out of your trip to the ancient city and be sure to check out the most beautiful beaches in Athens and the greater area of the city – all of which can be easily accessed by car, taxi or public transport.
Akti Vouliagmenis Beach
Located close to Athens, this is a popular beach due to its sandy shores and calm waters. Be sure you go early enough in the morning to find a umbrella and chairs. You will want to spend all day at the beach and can do just that as there are snacks and drinks available, as well as Greek’s summertime favorite coffee, frappe. There is a play ground for the kids, grassy fields where you can play racket ball, and free WiFi. The entrance charge is around 5 euro per person.

Asteras Beach
Again, this beach is close to Athens and has an 8 euros entrance fee which will get you an umbrella and chair. This beach even offers changing rooms, showers, a self-serve restaurant, three bars, water sports, as well as trampolines and a playground for the kids.

Lake Vouliagmeni
This beach experience is sure to be truly unique and something you want to experience while visiting Athens. Check out this natural lake that sits above the entrance to one of the most complex and mysterious cave systems in the world. The lake has brackish-water as it is from a combination of the underground currents of the sea and the underground thermal springs seeping from Mount Hymettus, offering a natural thermal spa experience. The entrance fee is around 15 euros per person, but even if you don’t have the luck of finding a lounge chair or umbrella, you still pay the full entrance fee, so it is a good idea to get there early.

Astir Beach Club
This is a more expensive option and you should expect to pay quiet a bit for access to this beach which is open to the public at a premium. The upside is that on days when the rest of the beaches in Athens are crowded, you will usually be able to find lounge chairs and umbrellas here. You can reserve a bungalow in advance or just rough it on the beach with amenities such as small designer boutiques, massage therapists and beach-side food and drink service.

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