Greek News Energy Greek Island of Tilos Goes Green, Harnesses 'Smart Energy'

Greek Island of Tilos Goes Green, Harnesses 'Smart Energy'

A Greek island is leading the way in environmentally-friendly energy as it prepares to roll out a network of advanced wind and solar power charging a network of advanced batteries.
Tilos, a Cycladic island, is testing a molten-salt battery energy-storage system which should go online later this year.
The island has a regular population of only 400 people, but this number swells to 4,000 during the tourist season. This puts a strain on its energy resources and the EU-backed project hopes to harness the wind and the sun to provide power to the Islanders.
The project said: “The prototype molten-salt, the battery-storage system will improve micro-grid energy management and grid stability, increase renewable energy use and provide services to the main grid.
“If successful, this energy storage technology could be widely replicated on islands to complement and encourage the use of variable renewable energy sources.”
Its total cost is €13.7 million, of which €11 million is being supplied by the EU.

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