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Father Kills Daughter and Hangs Himself in Northern Greece

The young girl at a recent birthday party

A 49-year-old man killed his 18-year old daughter, and then committed suicide by hanging himself on Friday, in northern Greece.
The tragic incident occurred at Sminthi, a village near Xanthi.
The daughter was found in a pool of blood inside the house. The man, a Muslim father of five, was later found hanging from a tree in a wooded area near the village.
He left a suicide note next to the tree explaining that he murdered his daughter, because he did not approve a relationship she had.

According to local media, the father had serious psychological problems. reports that he had been hospitalized at the psychiatric clinic of Alexandroupolis, from where he had received a three-day leave.
Coroner Nikos Kifnidis, who examined the daughter’s corpse, said in a statement to, that he had found serious injuries to the girl’s head and cervix, which had probably been caused by a knife.
As added that according to the first examination, she had suffered a violent death.
This latest crime follows the similar tragedy of a few days ago in Athens, where a policeman killed his family, and then proceeded to take his own life.

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