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The African Greeks of Avato

Avato is a village in Northern Greece that is home to the Greek descendants of the African slaves that were once brought to the region of Xanthi. Behind the African looks of these Greeks, there is a painful story that goes...

Autumn on Mainland Greece at Its Best: Must Do Trips

A Must To Do Trip Visit Mailand Greece during Autumn and experienced at its best, because its beauty nature is magical at this season!

A Forgotten Greece: The Pomakochoria

The Pomakochoria in the Thrace region in Greece are villages were Pomaks, a Muslim minority, live in the Rhodope mountain range.

Hunting for Truffles in Greece

Hunting for truffles in Greece has been a trend for over 15 years now, as more and more Greeks seek the delicious underground mushroom

Greece’s Unique ”Floating” Monastery of Saint Nicholas

The floating monastery of Saint Nicholas (Agios Nikolaos) in Porto Lagos, Xanthi in northern Greece is a unique religious monument

Greek, US Forces in Spectacular Military Exercise Near Xanthi

Greek and US forces held joint military exercises in northern Greece this week, in the context of the mutual defense cooperation agreement.

Greek Medical Student Builds Rock Climbing Wall in Living Room

Refusing to succumb to laziness and indolence despite the nationwide coronavirus lockdown, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki medical student and avid rock climber Manthos Valsamidis transformed his home into an indoor rock climbing facility during the month of November. Valsamidis, a...

Man in Xanthi, Greece Tests Postive for Covid-19 After Initial Recovery

After four months of negative tests after recovering from an initial bout of Covid-19, a 45-year-old man in the Northern Greek city of Xanthi has tested positive for coronavirus once again. After testing positive for the virus in April and...

Greece on Alert after Increase of Coronavirus in Thrace Region

Greek health authorities are on high alert once again after 11 new cases of Covid-19 appeared in the Echinos community in the Xanthi Prefecture, an area in which the General Secretariat for Citizen Protection imposed a curfew and restrictions on...

Greece Quarantines Northern Village After Spike in Covid-19 Cases

Greek authorities on Thursday ordered a village near the city of Xanthi, in northeast Greece, into quarantine after a spike in the number of coronavirus cases there. Greece's General Secretariat for Civil Protection announced restrictions in the broader region after...