Hollywood Tom Hanks Confirms 'Toy Story 4' is In the Works!

Tom Hanks Confirms ‘Toy Story 4’ is In the Works!


This Thanksgiving we got some news from Hollywood that is sure to bring joy to plenty of families, as Tom Hanks just confirmed “Toy Story 4” is currently in production!

The actor will soon start working on his voiceover role as Woody, the main character of the “Toy Story” series.

Hanks actually got in trouble with Disney after he confirmed the status of the film, as he said he got a call from Disney’s lawyers right after he talked about the movie to the press.

The lawyers told him that he is “contractually not allowed to discuss a ‘Toy Story 4′ or it’ll affect the stock market price of the Disney comic stock.” He responded with a simple “I’m sorry”.

John Lasseter, the director of the first two “Toy Story” movies, will be directing “Toy Story 4”, and Tim Allen will most likely be returning as Buzz Lightyear.

However, fans still have some time until the movie comes out, since Hanks says “Toy Story 4” will be released in 2018.

“Toy Story 4” will be a huge change from Hanks’ latest work, the critically acclaimed thriller “Bridge of Spies”.

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