Greek News Economy Greek Govt Vice President: Negotiation with the Troika will be Completed

Greek Govt Vice President: Negotiation with the Troika will be Completed

venizelos “Uncertainty downgrades not the government’s but the country’s position,” underlined Greek Government Vice President and PASOK leader Evangelos Venizelos in his article in a Greek Sunday newspaper. “The negotiation with the Troika will be completed, but we will not allow this to become an opportunity for another wave of ‘costless’ superficiality and demagogy.”
Venizelos noted that the “difficulty in the negotiation with our European partners and the IMF is directly proportional with the importance of the agreement on the completion of the current program and the ‘twin’ agreement for the new institutional framework. For the security shield that Greece will have without a new loan and without a new program and a new Memorandum, without the Troika mechanism, which means divergence from the European mechanisms that operate for all member states.
The relation between democracy and truth has worked for the past decades as a vicious circle that prepared the economic crisis. It must now work as a purifying equation that will symbolize the country’s real modernization.”
(source: ana-mpa)

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