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Region of Crete Gets Green Prize

per kritisThe Region of Crete was awarded the first Green Prize for saving energy at schools. It was the only Region in Greece that participated in the European Project Euronet 50/50-Saving energy at schools.

The prize award of the European Competition for Sustainable Energy 2013 was held in Brussels, with a special ceremony, in the presence of the European Commissioner for Energy Gunther H. Oettinger and other officials of the European Union.

In the project, 58 schools from all around Europe participated. From Greece, the Region of Crete: 2nd High School of Archanes, 40th Elementary School of Heraklion, 3rd and 10th High School of Heraklion, were among the participants.

The Region of Crete continues with the participation in the new project Euronet 50/50 max, in which a total of 13 European countries, Greece included, aim at saving energy at 100 schools, as well as six additional municipal buildings in Crete, through the change of users’ daily behavior.

“We are very pleased with this distinction-award of our Region in Brussels and we continue our action with more schools, where the children experience and understand in practice what energy saving is,” the District Commissioner of Crete, Stavros Arnaoutakis stated.

“This distinction belongs to all those who worked with will and enthusiasm, both to the headmasters and to the teachers, but most of all to the students for this successful effort, which is an example and guide for our new project,” Arnaoutakis added.

The District Commissioner said that the project’s actions were not just successful, but they were top in Europe in the domain of energy saving and were awarded by the European Commission, winning the first prize in the European Competition of Sustainable Energy 2013, in the category of Education.

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