Greece Archbishop Ieronymos' Easter Message

Archbishop Ieronymos' Easter Message

archbishop-ieronymosArchbishop Ieronymos II of Athens and All Greece prompted Greeks not to lose their hope and courage in these difficult days for the country.

In his Easter message Archbishop Ieronymos said that, “A big part of our population is enduring patiently the difficulties, putting into practice Christian love and solidarity for the suffering of our fellow human beings and expects a better tomorrow.”

“Humanity seems to taste something from the bitterness of the Holy Week”.

‘Today we experience all the consequences that brought the arrogant choices of the rulers around the world, who think that “thirty pieces of silver” are worth more than human beings.” Then he stressed that, “Contemporary man has organized his lifestyle, values and priorities as if God did not exist”.

However, he observed that, “Decay, decline and death cannot defeat life,” and calls the faithful not to lose their courage.

“When suffering floods our lives, the Christians’ hope and the certainty that life defeats death in the end lies in the miracle of Resurrection,” the Archbishop said, marking that the Resurrection is the largest and most important event in world history. “

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