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Holy Week

Hymn of Kassiane Reverberates Across Greece on Holy Tuesday

The Gospels take center stage on Holy Tuesday in the Orthodox church, as Greeks move closer to the end of Lent and Easter Sunday.

Celebrating Orthodox Palm Sunday in Greece

Palm Sunday marks the last Sunday before Easter, and signals the beginning of Holy Week, an important period of prayer and reflection.

What Exactly Caused Jesus Christ’s Death?

It is known that the death of Jesus Christ occurred somewhere between AD 30 and AD 33. But the exact cause of his death remains a mystery. According to the Bible, Jesus fell while carrying the cross to Calvary, the...

Good Friday: a Day of Fasting, Mourning and Solemn Processions

For Greek Orthodox believers, Good Friday is a day of fasting and absolute mourning. The Greek Orthodox Church reminds us about Jesus’ journey to the Cross and death, about his burial and the triumph of evil over good, until the...

Covid-19: Fatalities in Greece Rise Over 10,000

Greece will open its Covid-19 vaccination platform for those aged 30-49, allowing them to make appointments on the government's website.

Greece Expects Summer Weather During Holy Week and Easter

Greece will enjoy summer weather on Holy Week and Easter, the Meteo weather service of the National Observatory of Athens said on Monday.

Greece Moves Easter Resurrection Service Due to Pandemic

The Holy Synod, the governing body of the Church of Greece, released details regarding the celebration of Holy Week and Greek Easter on Tuesday.

Holy Saturday: The Last Day of Great and Holy Week

The last day of Great and Holy Week is Holy Saturday -- the day on which the Greek Orthodox Church commemorates Jesus’ burial and his descent into hell where he preached to all the dead. On this day, the Church reminds...

Majority of Greeks Claim to Fast During Holy Week: Survey

Two out of three Greeks say they will be fasting on Holy Week and one in six claim that they will be fasting throughout Lent, according to a consumer survey published Thursday. The survey by the Institute of Retail Trade...

Holy Friday: A Day of Fasting and Mourning in Greece

In Greece Holy Friday is celebrated by fasting and is considered an absolute day of mourning. On this day, in the Greek Orthodox Church the story of Jesus’ journey to the Cross and death, his burial and the triumph...