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Alexis Tsipras: Greece's New Political 'Iphigenia'

Until May 6, everything in the Greek political scene happened without SYRIZA. Now, if we get destroyed, if we get out of the euro, if we can’t form a government, if we can’t cope with our debts, our loans, our domestic and international obligations, we will blame SYRIZA.
A week after the election of May 6, watching the news on Greek television, you get the impression that Greece’s two mainstream parties, ND and PASOK are against the memorandums. The same people, who seven days ago considered the renegotiations of the memorandums a joke and made sarcastic comments about SYRIZA’s leader Alexis Tsipras, now insist that there is room for renegotiation.
Looking For The Next Iphigenia
Greek President Karolos Papoulias called the leaders of Greece’s political parties to meetings on Sunday, in a last-ditch effort to broker a deal for a coalition government. Despite enormous pressure from the heads of parties across the political spectrum, Tsipras, head of the runner-up Radical Left Coalition (SYRIZA) denied to form a coalition government.
Tsipras has a good reason for turning down the coalition government proposal. The latest polls show a distinct turn in favor of his far-left anti-bailout party SYRIZA. The results indicate if a second election is called, they will swoop to first place. Real News reports that the Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) has gained support at the expense of the other parties. It puts them at 25.5 percent, New Democracy at 21 percent, PASOK only 14.6 percent and the Communists KKE at 5.3 percent.
Evangelos Venizelos and Antonis Samaras seem willing to cooperate in a coalition government with SYRIZA and the smaller, pro-European leftist party, Democratic Left (DIMAR), but the leftist coalition has rejected their overtures. Yet these three parties, New Democracy, PASOK and DHMAR don’t really need SIRIZA and they could easily form a government on Monday, May 7. Why so much passion for Tsipras and his party? Why do they care so much whether he will be a part of this goevrnment since the numbers indicate that they don’t really need him to “save us” again?
Right or wrong, Tsipras was, from the beginning, against the memorandum and called for renegotiation within the euro area. Now, he is being asked to pose as a new “Iphigenia” and voluntarily tie himself on a pole right on Syntagma Square and burn in the fire of the pro-austerity, pro-memorandum policy, a policy he has never (right or wrong) accepted.
Maybe it’s time to remind everyone that Tsipras was born in 1974-right after the junta collapsed and the catastrophic (as shown afterwards) PASOK and ND period started.
In 1981, when PASOK’s founder and leader Andreas Papandreou assumed the government and destroyed Greece’s social fabric, transforming it into a country without morals and social values, Tsipras was 7-years-old.
And when Greece enjoyed “the great miracle of the Olympic Games,” the miracle of plastic money, black money, dirty money, money that was a product of the immunity law” on ministerial responsibility, created by Evangelos Venizelos, PASOK’s current leader, Tsipras was a soldier, a student, a rebel, a man who grew and began to take part in the Greek political life through the leftist political youth.
Reading newspapers and watching the news, you get the impression that Tsipras is at least partly responsible for the current plight of Greece but he really isn’t.
Yes, Greece is in the most difficult position in its modern (post 19th century) history. But the current situation has nothing to do with Tsipras and his generation. In fact, he was a baby when Greece kept wasting Europe’s money in the 80s. Yes, solutions must be found but Tsipras can’t help right now. He can’t govern with the people that caused this tragedy. So no, he shouldn’t cooperate with them. It wasn’t Tsipras who sold out Greece. It was the Papandreou and the Karamanlis and the Mitsotakis families that did that, along with PASOK’s current leader Venizelos, the man who created the law for the Ministers’ immunity and ND’s leader Antonis Samaras, who kept sreaming against the memorandum for two years and then voted for it. And maybe Kouvelis should also join since he wants to be part of the game. So maybe they should leave Tsipras alone since he’s not willing to identify himself with them and they should all work together and deal the with the monstrosity they created. What’s the difference? The decisions are made in Brussels and Berlin anyway.
Alexis Tsipras is innocent of the blood, and he must remain that way so that the day after this rottenness of the two-party system collapses, after Europe realizes that the austerity measures literally kill Greek people and sink the economy, we will have somewhere to turn so that there’s actually going to be a next day.

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