Greece Bill on Greek Language Education Abroad Passed

Bill on Greek Language Education Abroad Passed

The Greek Parliament’s Plenary fully adopted the new bill of the Ministry for Education on Greek Language Education Abroad on Wednesday.
The bill has been passed with consensus, while the Alternate Minister for Education Fofi Gennimata stressed that it primarily aims at upgrading Greek language education units around the world, since they do not only appeal to Greeks of the Diaspora but to every person interested in learning about the Greek culture and its language.
As Mrs. Gennimata further explained, the new bill will enable every child of the Diaspora to really understand what they are being taught and will use this knowledge of the Greek language and culture throughout their lives.
Excessive expenditures will be moderated, corruption will be better handled, while rules, control and supervision will apply on all Greek schools, so that the results will be more positive than they have been in the past.