Europe Documentary "Raw Material" in the Zurich Festival!

Documentary “Raw Material” in the Zurich Festival!

According to Giannis Mallidis, the outstanding documentary “Raw Material” of Christos Karakepelis is being screened at the international Cinema Festival happening in Zurich, Switzerland. Another 11 documentaries from all over Europe are going to participate in the Festival.

This extraordinary documentary found the perfect festival to be showcased, as Zurich tries to recycle more than any other city, one of the main ideas represented in the documentary.

Heroes of the documentary are 3 Albanian Roms, 2 Indians, 1 Turk and 1 Greek. They are samples of a huge amount of people who are sentenced to gather garbage and live under harsh conditions. They begin recycling garbage and attempt to make a living out of this. They do not have the opportunity to improve their lives because the system does not allow them to change their social class and status.

Thousands of people dealing such a situation live in Athens everyday.

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