Europe Greek Press Welcomes Katerine Avgoustakis in Athens

Greek Press Welcomes Katerine Avgoustakis in Athens

1222Katerine Avgoustakis landed in Athens on Thursday afternoon to appear on the live show, The X Factor, on the Greek channel Antenna tonight. Katerine will also prepare her participation in the Greek national final for the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 with ERT this week.
Katerine Avgoustakis was welcomed by camera crews from Antenna and Star Channel at the Athens airport. The Greek channels had been looking forward to meet the popular Flemish Greek singer for the first time in Greece. Although she is still unknown in Greece; she is one of the favourites for the Greek national final.  Katerine recently took Greek lessons which immediately came in handy.
“I’m here to prepare for the Eurovision Song Contest,” Katerine told the press at Athens airport. “I haven’t seen my opponents yet. I don’t even know all their names.” Katerine hopes that the song she’ll sing in the Greek national final can bring the victory for Greece in Oslo. “It’s still a big surprise. I cannot say anything about it, but it’s a very good song in English.”

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