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Airline Offers USA-Greece Flights for $199

New Icelandic airline PLAY offers cheap flights between Greece and USA when booking a return ticket - but only for a limited time.

President Biden: Happy 200th Greek Independence Day!

Joe Biden sent a video message for the Greek Independence Day, where he says that for 200 years our nations' fates have been intertwined.

Mike Pompeo Welcomes 2021 with Spectacular Acropolis Photo

Mike Pompeo welcomed 2021 by posting a series of photographs celebrating the New Year, among them a photo of fireworks over the Acropolis.

Import of U.S. Liquefied Natural Gas to Greece Begins

The first batch of US liquefied natural gas (LNG) will be delivered to Greece near the end of the year as part of an agreement between Greek gas corporation DEPA and the U.S.' Cheniere Energy, the Greek Environment and Energy...

Senator Rand Paul in Favour of US Investments in Greece

"I am working towards facilitating Americans to invest abroad and I believe that this is something we can do for the improvement of Greek-US relations, United States Senator from Kentucky, Rand Paul told the Athens Macedonian News Agency on...

Greek Gov't VP: 'I Want to Thank the US for Greece's Bailout Deal'

Greece's vice president and prominent SYRIZA MP Yanis Dragasakis thanked the USA for helping Greece establish a deal with the Eurozone and the IMF, adding that the deal is not yet officialy completed. The Greek VP thanked the US government and...